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Soul Reading

Craving a heart-to-heart with your inner self?

I hear ya. With this quick yet profound 15 minute Intuitive Soul Messages Reading I can help you:

Discover the top 3 messages your soul yearns to share with you

Get insights that ignite clarity, purpose, and a profound soulful connection.

Ready to listen to your soul’s melodies? Let’s journey within.

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I’m Dr.Henna

and my Soul Purpose is to help kind, generous, sensitive, intuitive and creative souls like you on your journey to go from the human being that you were born as to embracing your destiny as the Heavenbeing that you are born to be.

This becoming is no about pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself but to learn to see and embrace the beauty and perfection within every aspect of your being.

If you have felt different or like you don’t belong or like everyone has a manual to living life that you somehow missed out on, then you have been guided by the divine within you here.

Your being here, is not a coincidence. So take a moment to breathe deeply and celebrate your arrival at the Doorway to Your Inner Wonderland.

I’m like the white rabbit and you are Alice…

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole with me?

Everyone’s journey is unique so I can’t specify the specifics but I can surely say that this is an adventure that you will never forget.

The along the way, we’ll connect with your soul, raise your consciousness, develop your intuition and finally Create Your Heaven on Earth.

Does that sound exciting or what?

If it does, then won’t you stay a while, look around and see if something catches your fancy. Don’t hesitate to make a purchase for these are not just ordinary offerings but divinely guided, loving crafted delights that are pouring from my heart and soul exclusively for you.

There aren’t many things that bring me the kinda joy of seeing you shine!

And I’d be delighted to be of service to the divine within you.


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