Your Garden of Heaven on Earth

The Sacred Gateway

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The Firefly Oracle

As you wander through the mist, a firefly ✨ appears, beckoning you to a clearing in the garden. It transforms into a tarot card 🃏 and gently lands on a table before you.

Here, I offer tarot readings that serve as your guiding lights 💡.

No matter what area of your life you’re struggling with, bring your burning questions.

Gain insights, find clarity, and catch glimpses of the future to help you make decisions and illuminate your next steps 👣

The Ethereal Rainbow

As you venture further, mysterious colors start to swirl around you, taking you by the hand as if inviting you to follow them deeper into the garden 🌈.

Come closer and let me have a look through my rainbow ‘third-eye glasses’ 🕶️ that help me perceive the ethereal unseen.

Here, in this mesmerizing space, I offer aura and chakra readings to help you decode the enchanting yet intricate patterns that shape your life.

Drawing upon the 7-chakra Yogic system 🧘—the organ systems of your spiritual anatomy—we dive into the core of your being.

Unearth your energetic blocks, discover the root causes behind the life patterns you wrestle with, and embrace your innate strengths 💪.

In this space, we decode the ever-changing hues of your aura and the steady whispers of your chakras.

The Wildflower Meadow

Further along the winding path, your nose catches a waft of the sweet fragrance of wildflowers 🌸, enveloping your being in a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Evoking memories, some sweet some bitter-sweet.

Here, in this safe haven, I offer empathic emotional mapping and healing with flower remedies.

Together, we delve into the complexities of your emotional landscape, listening to the whispers and cries of your sacred vessel—your body.

Recognize that emotions, both celebrated and repressed, can become trapped in your organs, eventually manifesting as “dis-ease” and pain in your physical body.

With empathic intuition, I help you unearth these buried emotions, those pearls trapped within your oyster shell.

We give them space to breathe, to find release and catharsis, all in a haven of unconditional love and zero judgment.

The result? A lightness of being you may have never experienced before, as if an emotional weight has been gently lifted 🌼

The Creative’s Sanctuary

Next along your journey you catch a glimpse of the elusive muse shimmering in the distance, always just beyond reach, playing hide and seek, like a mirage 🌠.

Come closer as I whisper this secret gently into your ear: “Don’t chase the muse of inspiration. Let’s play and she’ll land on your nose like a butterfly when you least expect it.” 🦋

Mirror the mischievous twinkle in my eye as we tumble down the hill, landing softly in the sandbox.
In this sanctuary of innocence, imagination and play, I offer meditative journeying and intuitive energy work to heal your inner-child, dissolve your inner critic, self-sabotage, and creative blocks 🛑.

We dig deep to liberate the gleaming sapphires 💎 buried within your being, empowering them to sing the song of your soul 🎵.

Unshackle yourself from procrastination and perfectionism, and bring forth that masterpiece that the world is eagerly waiting to celebrate. Your work isn’t just wanted; it’s needed. Give your fans the gift only you were born to create 🎨📚🎤.

The Relationship Spiral

As we wander a bit more, a melody reaches us, tugging at those deep, tender places in our hearts.

Stirring up some questions that sometimes keep us up at night? ‘What’s wrong with me?’, ‘How can I fix this?’, ‘Why can’t I find love like others?’

I’ve struggled with them too.

Let’s take a moment and sit here, in the Relationship Spiral. It’s a cozy, safe place where we can talk about those tough nights, the ones where you’ve cried yourself to sleep, and those days that feel so empty without them.

Here, I’ll help you gently piece together your broken heart, clear out those old ties and cords that might be holding you back, and guide you towards soul centered relationships that are full of love and respect – not just romantically, but with friends, family, and most importantly, with yourself. 💞

You see, you’re not half of anything. You’re beautifully whole, just as you are.

And it’s okay to have boundaries; in fact, it’s healthy.

Sometimes it’s about learning to love people from afar, making choices that are right for you.

Are you ready to explore this journey with me?

I promise to be as gentle as a feather, to listen, and to be there with you, every step of the way. 🦋💖🌹.

The Wealth Fountain

As you continue your exploration, a glimmering light in the distance catches your eye, shimmering like a fountain bathed in the richest of lights ✨.

This is the Wealth Fountain, a place where the concept of wealth transcends material accumulation and delves into the realm of soulful abundance.

Come closer, let’s sit by this fountain and talk about what true wealth really means.

Here, we’ll learn to differentiate between the fleeting desires of the ego and the deep, fulfilling urges of the soul.

In the soothing presence of the Wealth Fountain, we work to clear away money blocks and embrace our divine worthiness to receive. This isn’t about rapid financial gains or six-figure promises; it’s about aligning with a flow of wealth that nurtures and sustains our soul 🌊.

We’ll also talk about not wasting your life chasing someone else’s dreams or keeping up with the Joneses. It’s about finding your own path, the one that brings you joy and fulfillment.

We’ll explore how to balance the job that pays the bills with the work that feeds your spirit. It’s about finding joy and gratitude in what we have, understanding that contentment is a magnet for more abundance.

Ready to discover the glittering treasures of TRUE wealth, hidden not in bank vaults, but within your own being? 🌟💰🌿

The Crystalline Temple

Next along your path, the scent of nagchampa temple incense and the soft tinkle of bells catch your attention.

You glimpse the magnificent Crystalline Temple, with its giant pillars and walls of crystals in all colors glinting in the light 🌈✨️.

Stepping inside, you’re enveloped in a world of tranquility and gentle energy.

Surrounded by the soothing hues and healing vibes of these crystals, you settle onto fluffy cushions, feeling a profound sense of peace.

Here in the Crystalline Temple, I offer aura cleansing, crystal healing for your chakras, and advanced cord clearing.

This is more than just a healing space; it’s a spa for your soul, where every imbalance found in the Ethereal Rainbow is lovingly addressed and harmonized 💎.

By engaging in these healing practices, you can expect enhanced energy flow for increased vitality, emotional and physical balance through chakra alignment, and a liberating release from past bonds, clearing the way for a rejuvenated and unburdened spirit.

Why seek out these healings? Because your soul, just like your body, deserves care and rejuvenation.

In the Crystalline Temple, you’re not just restoring balance; you’re embracing a journey to your most radiant self.

Ready to indulge in this crystalline sanctuary and experience the profound benefits it holds for your soul? 🕉️✨

The Cosmic Library

As you venture further, a sacred silence envelops you, drawing you towards the Cosmic Library. It’s as if the universe itself hushes, inviting you to delve into the depths of your soul’s story🌌.

Imagine this library where every book holds chapters of your journey, across lifetimes and dimensions.

Here, I’ll help you leaf through these pages—past life readings, exploring your Akashic records, and Karmic Blueprint Clearing.

It’s like being a detective in your own historical mystery. We’re not just looking for clues to solve today’s puzzles, but also discovering the gifts your soul has gathered along the way.

Maybe you’ll find out you were a painter in 18th-century Paris, explaining your inexplicable love for art.

Or uncover a lifetime of leadership that now translates into your natural ability to inspire others.

Sure, some stories might have chapters that are a bit tough to read—old pains, fears, or conflicts. But understanding these can help heal and explain so much about your current path.

It’s not all about the shadows, though.

There’s light in those pages, too—talents, joys, loves.

It’s about embracing the full narrative of your soul, pain and all, to truly understand and celebrate who you are.

Ready to turn these pages and uncover the mysteries woven into your being? Let’s embark on this playful yet profound exploration together. 📚✨🔍

The Possibility Portal

As you meander further on your path, you’re magnetically drawn to The Possibility Portal, shimmering like an entrance to a futuristic, yet timeless, virtual reality arcade 🌌🕹️.

Imagine stepping into a space where the boundaries between now and what could be blur.

Here, each scenario in your virtual exploration is vivid and sensory-rich, yet steeped in a sense of timelessness.

Whether it’s futuristic cityscapes or ancient trees, each vision holds a key to your potential futures, waiting to be decoded.

In this extraordinary portal, I guide you through future life progressions, allowing you to sample different life paths. Feeling out the futures of various choices becomes an immersive exploration, helping you discern the best decision from a spectrum of options. And in aligning and quantum leaping into your highest vibrational timeline, you’re actively stepping into these potential realities.

Here, you have a unique opportunity to connect with your future self, who knows you better than anyone else.

This future version of you understands exactly where you faltered or struggled and what strategies led to your successes.

Receiving guidance from this wise, experienced self can offer unparalleled insight into navigating your path ahead.

It’s about engaging with what could be, not as mere fantasy, but as a vivid, transformative journey that informs and inspires your present.

While we might not be able to avoid all pain in life, in this portal, we learn how to navigate it without losing ourselves in suffering.

It’s about making choices that keep us aligned with the light of our souls, even amidst life’s inevitable challenges.

Are you ready to step into this captivating portal, to see, feel, and choose the futures that call to your soul, with guidance from your future self?

Let’s embark on this exhilarating, timeless adventure together. 🚀👓💫

The Mystic Cave

As you traverse deeper into your journey, the untamed calls of the wilderness beckon you towards The Mystic Cave.

The air is filled with the sounds of exotic birds, and you’re surrounded by the rustle and earthquake fragrance of huge tropical forest leaves, guiding you through a path rich with the untamed beauty of nature.

You emerge onto a moonlit beach, where soft, silvery light leads you to the entrance of The Mystic Cave.

Inside, the cave is bathed in an ethereal moonlight, creating a space that is both serene and intensely magical 🌕.

Here in The Mystic Cave, we embark on shamanic journeys with power animals to retrieve lost fragments of your soul. This is where we engage in shadow work, bringing light to the parts of us society labels as ‘bad’—the blood-boiling rage, unchecked sensuality, heart-rending envy, and insatiable cravings. These aspects, often suppressed for the sake of tameness and social acceptance, are acknowledged and embraced here.

We’ll face past traumas with the gentleness of a feather 🪶, illuminating these deep wounds with awareness and compassion.

While we can’t change the past, we can liberate ourselves from its hold, transforming from victims to empowered beings.

This journey in The Mystic Cave is like mining for diamonds in dark places. It’s a path of deep, rewarding work.

This work is about recognizing your triggers and releasing the hooks that have allowed others to cause you pain.

It’s essential to remember: ‘It is not your fault’.

This is not about self-blame, but about self-empowerment and healing.Embrace your flaws as the unique brushstrokes that make you the masterpiece you are.

We are here to live our own journey, not anyone else’s. In the end, it’s about us and our relationship with the divine.

Are you ready to venture into The Mystic Cave, to embrace your wildness and emerge with the strength of self-awareness, emotional resilience and strength? 🌿🌕🐾

The Divine Waterfall

As your awareness unfolds, the soothing sounds of flowing water lead you to The Divine Waterfall, a mesmerizing cascade of liquid divine light that invites you to cleanse and replenish your soul 🌊✨.

Here, in the presence of this celestial waterfall, I facilitate lightwork designed to elevate your vibration and realize your fullest cosmic potential.

Envision yourself under this cascade, with each droplet a beam of pure, radiant light, harmonizing you with the highest frequencies of existence.

In The Divine Waterfall, we engage in liquid light vibrational attunements through creative visualization. This is where your astral body expands, embracing the realm of limitless potential. The journey involves multi-dimensional grounding, ascending through the chakras, and emitting high vibrational light codes.

As you bask in this radiant energy, your capacity to hold light and prana, or life force, in your lightbody increases.

This enhanced capacity allows you to experience states of flow, divine guidance, epiphanies, and everyday miracles.

Your life begins to unfold in ways that have you exclaiming ‘Hallelujah’, filled with awe and gratitude. It’s a state of bliss that transcends the emotional realm, offering a deep, encompassing peace.

While this state isn’t constant, it becomes a center you learn to return to. Life’s external disturbances may still occur, but with this newfound alignment, you’ll find resilience and recovery.

This journey with The Divine Waterfall is about enhancing your capacity for divine light, teaching you how to find your way back to this center of peace and bliss in every present moment, and embodying the heaven-being that you have the potential to become.

Are you ready to step under The Divine Waterfall and embrace this journey, to become a beacon of light and love in your journey toward creating your Heaven on Earth? 🌈🌟💧.

The Intuitive Glasshouse

Imagine a moment in time, just for us, where I, Dr. Henna, welcome you to a place where your soul has been whispering about in dreams and silent yearnings—the Intuitive Glasshouse. Here, amidst the heart of the Garden of Heaven on Earth, your senses come alive with the symphony of sights, sounds, and scents crafted just for your arrival.

Close your eyes for a moment and listen. The gentle hum of the universe is the music here, interspersed with the soft chime of crystal clarity. Open your eyes to the iridescent dance of light across glass walls, where every ray beckons you to see the world—not just with vision, but with insight.🧐

As you step closer, the fragrance of blooming possibilities fills the air, a scent that’s both new and achingly familiar, like a homecoming. This is the hallowed ground where your intuitive gifts are not just honored; they’re celebrated and nurtured to flourish.

In the eyes of your teacher, you’ll find a reflection of your truest potential. My eyes, kind and filled with the light of a thousand stars, see you—not just where you stand, but where you can soar. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears,’ and here I am, greeting you with open arms and a heart full of joy for the journey you’re about to embark on.

This is your time. The Intuitive Glasshouse is more than a space—it’s a chapter in your soul’s story waiting to be written. It’s where your calling to heal, to help, to guide is embraced and given form.

In this place of transformation, you’ll find courses designed to develop your clairs, learn tarot reading, master chakra healing, and so much more. Through Dr. Henna’s Soul Medicine University Certification, this is where your innate urge to assist and uplift others becomes your life’s work, supported by the tools, resources, and community to guide you like never before.

Are you ready to embrace this call? To be enveloped in the nurturing embrace of the Glasshouse and to become the beacon of light your soul is destined to shine?

Let’s begin this journey together, one step at a time. Welcome home to where your calling becomes your legacy. 🌿✨🔮

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